Breeding Twinks

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18 Replies to “Breeding Twinks”

  1. KZNVC says:

    Oh shut the hell up the Video was Hot both were hott point blank stop fcking complaining

  2. mope-53 says:

    Champ is awesome!!!

  3. joker72 says:

    great video, very hot!

  4. dj_feras says:


  5. cathykuemerle1 says:

    Probably one of the best scenes I've seen

  6. frenchyboyjack says:

    You do look fucking perfect. And you got beautiful feet. I would like to see more of them.

  7. eva.juliette says:

    Are they even fucking, what is this? Why do they cut away at 6:57 like there's some invisible fucking going on that we can't see.

  8. d.cheyanne.a says:

    Loud P.A system says...Warning!!!!!!!!!! Rubber gloves needed before entering this store!

  9. MamaJ says:

    I came so hard to this, my soul left my body I promise

  10. Nooitgedacht says:

    I knooooow! We feel awful!! You’ll have something to play with VERY soon . Just finished it ????

  11. thedescolada says:

    She deserved all that cum and a lot more. Ride Ride Ride Cowgirl!

  12. iprskal9 says:

    Sorry guys, this scene is horrible. what the fuck was that at the end? Pathetic cum shots! If I had been the producers or edited that, I would have not allowed that shit.

  13. alitaurv2 says:


  14. Calisha_H says:

    She is AMAZING

  15. Killersupreme says:

    I've always wanted to be used like this

  16. Wong_M_T says:

    Terrible, dated 3D effects, bad animation. Too fakey. SecondLife has better.

  17. ashtinmariee says:

    That's hot!!

  18. ma_mostafa says:


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